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compare theatre prices london

London Theatre ticket price comparison

Compare London theatre ticket prices from multiple ticket agents find the cheapest London theatre deals and offers.

Simply pick your show and required date and click submit to find the lowest ticket prices available.

Only prices from STAR accredited ticket sellers are displayed, which guarantees a safe purchase. Compare prices from multiple theatre sites and find your tickets to the West End and save you money today!


Compare West End ticket prices

West End ticket prices for popular show are checked simultaneously and best available prices are displayed, allowing you to book tickets diectly with the cheapest provider.

All tickets purchased from are supplied by Encore Tickets Limited. Encore Tickets Limited is a member of the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers which is a self regulatory body which operates within guidelines supported by, amongst others, the Office of Fair Trading, the British Tourist Authority, the London Tourist Board and the Society of London Theatre.

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